What is Manifestation | Law of Attraction basics

What is Manifestation | Law of Attraction basics

Hello, in this article I will try to educate you on what manifestation is all about and the fundamental technique to start practicing it. manifestation is definitely very closely tied to spirituality and if you think that this aspect of spirituality is also closely tied to religion I will not deny it simply because every religious text talks about manifestation.

What is Manifestation

manifestation is the process of visualizing your dreams visualizing your desires visualizing your need what do you want to achieve where you want to be what do you want to be and so on and then using a process to bring it to reality. this was brought to light to the modern-day by what is called the law of attraction. in your life you might have come across hundreds of situations where people of a particular type always stick together.

I’m not going into their qualities whether good or bad but they have always been groups of people everywhere like groups of people who hail from the same College groups of people who have similar thoughts people who always loved to drink together people who love adventure people who are religious and so on. why does this happen this is because they all have similar energies vibrating at different times of the day or lives and they always attract each other.

I hope you agree now the same person may belong to different groups of people during different times of the day- for instance, someone who goes for an early morning walk team is with similar people when he decides to go for a movie he has a different set of people to go with this is because the vibrations the energies are similar for different activities with different people at different times of the day no one has forced you to team up with a specific person but it naturally happens everything in each and everything has a purpose in the reverse which means that when the energies of the people are the same they gel together this also means that a person who is very religious and visits every religious place every day in the morning will not go with an atheist.

everything in this world is made up of energy yes quantum energy in packets are distributed throughout the universe the house that you dream about the fancy cart hat you dream about everything is energy the money you seek is energy and every energy has a vibration all that you need is to sync with those vibrations to attract that energy you desire. let me explain this with an analogy.

let us assume that you are turning on the radio you are looking for a specific radio station say 98.3 megahertz FM this is a frequency of the radio station, in other words, this is the frequency of the radio waves that are transmitted by the radio station of your interest as you tune into the station you will realize that you go into ninety-eight you don’t hear anything you go to ninety-eight points two yeah there is something some sound and when you go to ninety-eight points three this is the exact frequency of vibration everything is fine and clear so when you sync with the energy at the very exact frequency you get what you want.

this is the same for manifestation to all that you need to achieve anything in your life is to be able to elevate yourself to the specific energy frequency and you will achieve the same be it money a dream home a dream vacation a new love a new cup what ever it is everything depends on the perfection with which you manifest which also means that you need to practice a lot

now that you have understood what manifestation is all about to let me detail ways when you can achieve it or how you can achieve it there are several ways to practice but I will be sticking to the ways that I have been able to perfect to a considerable degree the most important rule that you need to have is a deep desire for what you want to manifest during the process of manifestation

Law of Attraction basics

you actually instruct your subconscious to realize your thoughts. your subconscious is part of the universe and isn’t fantastic sync with it once the subconscious is ordered to do something the universe employees every way to ensure that you achieve it you do not have to let the universe know how this is to be done as the universe has ways and means far beyond your imagination and comprehension to get things done as long as you do not interrupt the process with your doubts and negative thoughts about the feasibility trust me the universe will bring forth to you exactly what you had asked for.

you can manifest anything that you want anything it may even seem very unreal but that is not your problem that is a universe’s problem any message or request that you send to the universe is manifested sadly as you wanted and in the process of bringing this to you the universe will adopt the easiest and the most efficient ways to bring it to you which means that there could be several happenings around you that may appalled you that may be unpleasant you may feel bad – yes I mean it depends on what you have asked for the universe will leave no stone unturned to bring it to you.

now when I say that the universe will deliver to you exactly what you asked for it does mean both negative and positive aspects the subconscious mind makes no effort to distinguish between the right or the wrong it doesn’t make any judgment like a conscious mind the energy that you transmit to us is brought to reality just as you had instructed it to in fact people have used it for several negative purposes too but let’s forget that part of it now let me progress into the next stage how to manifest.

the process of manifesting involves a deep connection with your subconscious mind, in fact, it is a subconscious mind that is responsible for everything that you are now your financial status your current status state of affairs your job your friends everything is being managed by your subconscious mind which acts actually on instructions or signals transmitted by you now what does this mean if you can alter the signals transmitted by you to the subconscious mind it means that you can have a different set of experiences to achieve this you need to connect with your subconscious mind this involves getting into a meditative state a trance-like state and holding on to that state for an extended period of time.

how this happens is that you need to put your conscious mind to rest you need to reach a stage of zero brain activity I did not say brain dead by the way just zero activity let me not scare you it is very very easy as I will be detailing to shut down your brains and senses you need to enter a meditative state people who meditate regularly or are involved in self-hypnosis will find this process extremely easy you can connect with your subconscious just by counting backward from ten to one as you reach that state of mind you will be in direct communication with your subconscious imagine what you want and imagine as if you have already got it you have already achieved this as you play out your desires as you imagine your desires in the first person.

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remember the subconscious mind accepts it as a message it begins to work for you immediately you will not be in the knowledge of what is happening it has no business to tell you how it is going to achieve it for you but you will be shocked after a few days maybe a few months or even a year or maybe even a couple of hours that you have achieved exactly what you had manifested you may have forgotten that you had manifested this false.

this must be exciting for you from ever since we were born we have been manifesting we have been doing it unconsciously you imagine for something when you were young and the universe brought the exact thing to you at the appropriate time everything around you is what you have manifested everything knowingly or unknowingly the most important thing to remember is that the subconscious mind does not judge or evaluate your decisions it just manifests exactly what you asked for.

another important rule in manifestation is the importance that you give into the details when you manifest it has to be complete with all possible details I am telling you this because you might be wondering why you landed up with something so bad for instance a lousy old car that breaks down every time you want it to be in perfect condition you had imagined yourself driving a car fine but you were not specific about anything and thus the universe just like the water finds its own level adopted the easiest way to bring your imagination to life and gave you what you wanted you did not instruct the subconscious mind knowingly or unknowingly about the specific color theme the model used our new accessories performance of the car so an important rule is that you need to have all the details when you sketch during the process of manifestation during the process of imagining you need a small exercise for you to get a feel of it.

let me know later if you have been successful you must maintain a new journal a journal it’s just a notebook remember that you have to write typing on your mobile or PC test not work because writing with a pen on paper triggers a subconscious mind instantly it’s very very important to take a fresh page in the morning and write down three things that you want to manifest say you want a free coffee it’s very simple to write as if you have already received the coffee it’s passed close your mind to other thoughts and just write down the free coffee tastes wonderful never right I want a free coffee as that statement will only create more and more warmth in your subconscious and you will never get your free coffee.

write down the free coffee tastes wonderful and write down any two other desires, in the same way, close your journal and forget about it don’t think about it never write it with an element of doubt never doubt the universe it will never ever manifest do not try to tell the universe that a specific friend could invite you for a cup of coffee it makes things very complicated and will most probably fail just say the free coffee tastes good or I love the free coffee forget it and move on with your day if you had he did to these instructions believe me a free coffee is one of the easiest things for the universe to manifest for you.

you will be invited for a coffee by someone sometime during the day or over the next couple of days if depending on the opportunities available to the universe and based on several other factors – but you will be able to manifest a free cup of coffee no doubt about it. it works me a free coffee or a free drink is one of the easiest things that I manifest you actually experience this you will know that manifestation really works it’s not about just manifesting a coffee it’s about that feeling that you get of success the motivation to practice more and more for bigger and better things in the future that is the purpose of this exercise but do it every day you will never know something that you had written down today would come to fruition ten days later and then you would understand.

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