Top 10 Uses of Forest | Why Forest are Important

Top 10 Uses of Forest | Why Forest are Important

Top 10 Uses of Forest: About one-third of all land on Earth is covered by forests, providing some biological infrastructure for the planet’s density, the most diverse collection of life.

They support many species including ours, yet we often find it neglected. Humans now clean millions of acres of land every year from natural forests, especially in tropical areas, and deforestation threatens some of the world’s most valuable ecosystems.

We get a lot of oxygen from forest trees. Forest use is very important to us. What are the different uses of our daily forest is very important for animals.

The use of forests has always made human beings and animals happy. Today we will look at the use of all forests in this article. Let’s learn about forest without wasting time.

Top 10 Uses of Forest

1. Fresh Air

The carbon dioxide you emit is always absorbed by the plants and in return the plants always provide you with pure oxygen from the forest.

2. Home Sweet Home

Insects on the leaves, birds on trees or birds fluttering from wing to branch, when you go into a forest, you see some kind of animal. Because 2/3 of all animal species lived in forests. Now, it’s worth protecting an important habitat!

3. They keep us cool

Urban trees help keep buildings cool, reducing the need for electric fans or air conditioners, while large forests can withstand terrible tasks such as preventing the city’s “heat island” effect or controlling regional temperatures.

4. Provide Jobs and Incomes

The economic value of services provided by forests around the world is $ 16.2 trillion. In addition to the supply of clean water and air, these services include many essential products including wood, fruit, honey, medicinal ingredients, cosmetics, detergents … just to name a few. . It also has a role to play in tourism.

On top of that, forests are known to create employment for more than 13 million people. It is also important to note that about one-third of the world’s people still depend on forests and trees for their daily needs, especially for cooking and heating.

Uses of Forest

5. Global warming

The forest has always served as a natural terrace in the world. Forest trees always try to cool the Earth’s climate. A major use of the forest is also that forest trees always try to keep the environment around clean and cool.

Thus, the risk of global warming is reduced. Forests reduce global warming and forests always try to keep the Earth cool. This is a great use of the forest for us and all animals.

6. Fight Against Climate Change

CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases to accelerate climate change and what is helping to slow it down? Forest. As we said before, the trees breathe CO2 Helps to absorb and when the tree has a whole bunch, their CO2 absorbing power is even stronger!

Forests are so good at absorption that they “sink” the world’s second-largest carbon, meaning they absorb more CO2 than the atmosphere when released. When it comes to fighting climate change, we are glad we have forests.

7. They Make it Rain

Larger forests can affect regional weather patterns and even create their own smaller rain. The Amazon rainforest, for example, produces atmospheric conditions that promote regular rainfall not only in the adjacent farmland, but also from the Great Plains of North America.

8. Vital to Our Health

As conservation of terrestrial biodiversity, forests are a treasure trove of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical ingredients. About 75% of most prescribed drugs originate their ingredients from the forest. Not to mention the effects of clean water and air treatment in our healthy.

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9. Prevent Ground Erosion

Soil erosion has a very negative effect on crop growth. Fertile topsoil is important for crop growth. Tree roots always grow in soil, so tree roots do not grow properly in soil due to soil erosion. And it causes land degradation due to the presence of neighboring forests.

So if there are neighboring forests, it always helps to protect the forests from the sun on the ground. Forests always act as the nature of the earth. The main use of forests is to prevent soil erosion.

Forests also protect the land from direct rain. Forests also prevent soil erosion. In addition, even dead leaves rot always increase soil fertility. This is an important use of the forest.

10. Forests Clean Water

There is nothing fresher than cold drinking water. Did you know that you also have a forest to thank for it? The leaves of the tree absorb the rain and slowly release it into the ground, where it is filtered underground and finally released into nearby lakes, ponds and rivers. About 2/3 of Canadians depend on water from the forest!