Top 12 Web Series to Watch During the Lockdown in 2020

Top 12 Web Series to Watch During the Lockdown in 2020

Web Series to Watch During the Lockdown

Web Series to Watch During the Lockdown: Recently our PM Narendra Modi announced lockdown in the country because of the ongoing Coronavirus. Since our life is going to get more boring, its good to find some good web-series to binge-watch this quarantine. Today, we are giving you our picks for 12 web series to watch during Quarantine. For this list, we’ll give you series which are amazing and will prove to be worth your time during this homestay.

12. She: After the failure of Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz Ali tried his hand in the web-series scenario and released a Netflix Original Series, She. She is a story of a female constable BhumikaPardesi, played by Aaditi Pohankar, who works as an undercover prostitute to get information about drug mafia. The series provides you with thrills and suspense. Since it is an Imtiaz Ali’s series, the characters are mostly layered, especially Bhumika. Brilliantly acted by the lead actress and gully Boy fame Vijay Varma, this series is enough to mesmerize you in this quarantine time. This 7-episode series is available on Netflix.

11. Operation MBBS For the past few years, all the OTT platforms were focused on showing people the engineering and hostel’s life. This year, Dice Media came up with OperationMBBS. Operation MBBS is all about a positive step towards that direction depicting the lives of three students and how their venture in the world of medicine starts. The series starts with light narrative with few comical elements, broadening the plot with every episode, eventually shifting towards the lead actors getting more involved in their studies thereby taking a toll on their personal lives. Ayush, Anshul, and Sarah gave very applauding performances and the show is worth our time. This 5-episode series is available on DiceMedia’s YouTube channel for free.

10. Jamtara Jamatara is one of the most talked-about Web-Series in 2020. The show is based on a true story of Jharkhand phishing scam with the title same as that of the town from where the massive, country-wide scam was pulled off. Jamtara’s screenplay focuses on small-town ambitions of a bunch of juveniles turning to a monster that goes out of control and the crushing of their dreams by a politician who wants to take the lion’s share of the moolah that they mop up by making fake calls. This series provides you thrill and suspense with an additional romance between 2 characters. Jamatara is a recommended web-series to binge-watch during this quarantine. You can find this 10-Episode series on Netflix.

9 Special Ops After much appreciated Amazon’s “The FamilyMan” and Netflix’s “Bard of Blood”, Hotstar came up with their undercover agent series, Special Ops. The show is based on Himmat Singh played by Kay Kay Menon, a RAW intelligence Officer who is after a terrorist who organized the attack on Parliament in 2001. Made by highly acclaimed director, Neeraj Pandey, this show gives you thrills with an amazing performance by the actors, especially by the lead Kay Kay Menon. Menon is the saving grace of this rambling enterprise. His steely resolve in the face of bureaucratic red tape, the single-minded focus, which almost borders on maniacal focus, makes the show worth a watch. Though this series couldn’t match the bar set by The Family Man, the time spent on this series won’t be a waste. This 8-episode series is available on Hotstar.

8. Asur Personally, Asur has been one of the best Indian web-series we have seen lately. A combination of Indian mythology and today reality, this psychological thriller is a murder mystery with enough of charred and mutilated bodies. The story revolves around a cat and mouse chase between CBI and an unknown serial killer. The eponymous Asur generally referred to as a mythological barbarian with not even an iota of goodness, is a serial killer who is being pursued by the CBI. Previously seen in Sacred Games, this mythology-reality is a combination that gives Asur an edge over other series. The plot is intense as it grips you from the word go. With an amazing performance by the lead actors Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, this series is worth your time. This 8-episode series is available on Voot and you should definitely check it out.

7. Patal Lok The Amazon Prime video series followed a policeman played by Joydeep Ahlawat, who was tried for murdering a journalist. As Hastiram Chowdhury digs deeper, he becomes more aware of the involvement of politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen in the activities of the system he is managing. In his review of Patal Lok, Indian Express film critic Shuvro Gupta wrote, “Patal Lok is intelligent, fast and engrossed, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

6. The Kota Factory is a TVF original web series that explores and depicts the ridiculously honest lives made by students studying in the rat race to finish engineering exams at the infamous Kota coaching institute. It shows how students were pressured to participate in the rat race for upliftment in India’s top engineering colleges for a better future. However, the fresh character and related dialogue make it a relevant web for almost every Indian student.

5. Little Things, a romantic drama series from Pocket Aces, is one of the best light drama series, featuring poetry and Dhruv’s story in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. The whole plot revolves around the good memories created by the couple throwing their challenges and insecurities together. Dice Media later bought Netflix, which produced 2 seasons and 3 seasons of the series.

4. TVF Tripling is a great Indian web series that tells the story of a joyful road trip of three siblings together so that they can discover and work out the true meaning of their relationship. The journey, which started with the goal of broadcasting childhood days, turns into a series of ups and downs, where one by one Chandan, Chanchal and Chitwan start talking to each other about their problems and frustrations. The plot of the story shows how it twists and turns, as their car makes a stolen road trip memorable. This Indian web series won Asian Television Award for Best Screenwriting.

3. Family Man is an Indian web series, one of the most innovative actors in the history of Indian cinema, Manoj Vajpayee. The Prime video series is the story of a middle-class man who secretly works as an intelligence officer for the TASC, the fictional arm of the National Investigation Agency. The whole script of the web series is crisp and the plot keeps the viewers on the screen.

Web Series to Watch During the Quarantine

2. Mirzapur Hindi web series is about drugs, gun and chaos which was initially shot in Mirzapur. It depicts the downfall, governance and crime of mafia don in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. The violent drama is full of unpredictable plot and complex character traits represented by the best names in the industry including Pankaj Tripathi.

1. Sacred Games Crime and action-packed thriller Sacred Games is a popular Indian web series that has caused a stir across the country. The Netflix web series, however, is not one of those series that every Indian family is too humble to listen to because of the obvious use of dialogue. This is probably one of the first mind-boggling Hindi web series that allows viewers to build their theories and analyze what might happen in the next episode. However, with all the high hopes, Season 2 turned out to be a big disappointment for many. Did you like our picks? What are some other web-series’ to watch this quarantine? Comment down below.