Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in India For Men & Women

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in India For Men & Women

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Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in India: A yoga mat is a yoga mat, isn’t it? All yoga mats look the same, there are a few important things to consider when buying the right mat for you and your practice: grip, cushion, material, and weight.

A lot of cheap pots slide on both the floor and the bottom and you need a brace and grip in your posture. You want a mat that has enough texture and grip so you can easily find your foundation without a lot of effort.

Consider how sensitive you are when you are lifting weights or bending over your shoulders and knees. Taking care of the injury or just liking it, some people crave a little more throne than others.

Also, think about what kind of yoga you practice. If you use a slow, gentle and relaxed approach, you can go with a thicker mat. And if you travel on public transport or travel too much, keep in mind that thicker mats become heavier and more complex.

There is a misconception that if you want to do yoga then you have to buy your yoga mat but we want to say that a yoga mat will not only help you in your daily yoga but it will also help you while doing workouts.

For example, if you are doing a crunch or an exercise that requires you to be on the ground, then a yoga mat can be a great thing for you. Gone are the days when only one type of yoga mat was available in the market.

Today, the market is filled with different types of yoga mats. They have got different textures, different materials, and different thicknesses. You have the option to choose different colors and carry cases.

There are advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is that you can get something that is right for you and maybe more proof of a customized firm for you.

The downside is that you have to do your homework before buying a yoga mat. So, to help you, here is a list of the top 10 yoga mats, but before that, we take a look at the different types of yoga mats available in the market.

Types of Yoga Mat

There are different Yoga Mats available in the market today. This means that your search starts with choosing the type of mat that you need. In such a case, you need to know what are the different types available.

So, here are more details about the types of yoga mats..

Basic Mats

These are the primary types of yoga mats and the unique part of these mats is the texture that gives you plenty of grip. You can choose different thicknesses in it and it is one of the cheapest mats available.

Rubber Yoga Mats

You have mats that are made of natural rubber and are known for non-toxic natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly. These mats also give you a good grip.

Cotton Mats

If you want something really soft, you can choose cotton mats and they are made with natural materials. These are usually washable but are not very durable compared to other mats.

Plastic Elastomer Mats

The next type of mats are plastic elastomers made from polymers. The good thing is that these mats do not contain PVC or any other toxic material. They are very cheap and very easy to clean. The downside of this mat is that you cannot use it in the sun for long.

Travel Yoga Mats

If you travel a lot, you can also choose travel yoga mats as they are very portable. You can easily roll them into a compact roll and travel with yoga mats. One problem with these mats is that they are not recommended for daily use because the material is not very dense.

Jute Mats

Jute is another thing that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and that is why you can find a lot of jute mats in the market. These are biodegradable and many people prefer jute mats as it is environment friendly.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat


The thickness of the mat plays a role in both cushioning and durability. A thicker mat provides more padding and support for joints but it can also be less stable. For this reason, some people prefer thin mats that allow users to feel the soil underneath.

Length of Mat

Another thing you should consider when buying a mat is the length of the mat. Here, we suggest you choose a slightly longer length from the height. This will ensure that you can do any kind of yoga.


Yoga mats are made from a variety of materials – both eco-friendly and synthetic. The most common materials used are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and natural rubber.

PVC mats are easily clean, highly durable year after year but are not considered environmentally friendly. TPE mats have a bribe feel and can be recycled after use, while natural rubber mats are preferred for their look and slip-resistance.

The texture of Mat

The next thing to check is the texture of the mat. Mats should have a good grip and therefore they should be somewhat sticky in nature. Apart from these, we recommend that you do not choose formats that are too slippery or have a smooth surface. These are usually not good choices because they do not provide you with enough grip.

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Cell Type

Open-cell mats are porous and effectively absorb sweat and moisture. For warm and high sweating habits, open-cell mats provide greater traction along with a slip-resistant surface but these can cause trapped odors and bacteria to develop.

When using an open-cell mat, it is important to clean it and take it out after each use. Closed-cell mats are ideal for low-intensity practice, as they do not absorb moisture.

They don’t provide traction like open-cell mats, but they are much healthier. This type of mat is waterproof and very easy to clean. Closed-cell mats are also more resistant to wear, lasting year after year.

Travel and Storage

If you go out for yoga classes, you need to buy a yoga mat that is easy to carry. In this case, you can check if the Yoga Mat comes with a carry case. You can check travel-friendly yoga mat, but still, you will not be able to use travel mats on a daily basis.

Best Buy Yoga Mats Online in India

1. Anti Skid Yoga Mat – Vellora

Vellora Yoga Mat is one of the Best Yoga Mats in India made of EVA (L-Acetate without Ethylene) foam. This mat is designed with foam that absorbs impact and provides good comfort and grip.

It is ideal for hardwood floors. This EVA mat is recyclable and biodegradable. It is free from PVC and other toxins. It is easy to prevent sweat and dirt from washing the mat.

2. Brandvilla Yoga Mat

This best and branded yoga mat comes from Brandvilla. The pair comes in a variety of colors including a mat bag nylon carrier mesh black fixed portable strap.

The two-sided non-slip is one of the best yoga mats for yogis and has a great slip-resistant advantage to prevent injuries.

3. Eco Yoga Mat

Surprisingly for its density, we have long been fans of Sweet Betty’s yoga mats and have the added benefit of taking care of this new planet. Matte is biodegradable without latex, rubber or PVC, but also hypoallergenic.

In fact, it is as luxurious as Manduka, even at less than half the price, and is also notable for being sweaty for different levels of grips on each side of the mat.

4. Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

This mat is exclusively available through Amazon and is the best-selling yoga mat available on the market. You can use this mat to do yoga and you can also use it to practice.

The surface of the mat has a texture that basically provides traction and grip. Talking about the measurements, the length of the mat is 74 inches x 24 inches.

The thickness of the mat is half an inch which provides a good amount of Cushing. The good thing about this mat is that it weighs very little and hence it is easy to take it to a yoga class.

Talking about storage, the mat is easy to store and comes with a strap that is also easy to carry. This mat is available in three different colors which are pink, blue, and green.

5. Cotton Yoga Mat – ASE

ASE Yoga mats are made of 100% cotton yarn. It is ideal for yoga seats and floor workouts. It is available in different colors. It has a good sweat absorber and a great grip.

It washes off completely. It can be easily rotated. If you are planning to buy a budget-friendly yoga mat, you can choose it. It is organic and eco-friendly.

6. Narains Packaging Textured Exercise Mat

Next on our list of Best Yoga Mats in India is mat in Narayan packaging. The mat is really good quality and is very inexpensive. There are two thickness options available on this mat and you can either choose a version with 4 mm or you can choose a version with 6 mm.

The mat provides the best amount of cushion when you go for workouts or yoga. The mat can be washed and the manufacturers claim that it is possible for you to wash the mat once a month.

The bottom is also made of anti-skid material which is definitely suitable for indoor as well as outdoor workouts. There are 6 colors available for Mats and you can choose as per your choice.

The length of the mat is enough to accommodate someone 6 feet tall which is definitely an advantage when purchasing this mat.

7. Adidas Training Exercise Mat

The next addition to our list is presented by Matt Adidas. Its roll-up design allows you to store the mat in the smallest space and it can easily carry it in your gym bag.

As for the thickness of this mat, without its hands, its padded surface is 8 mm thick for crimping your hands, knees and other parts of your body. You will feel very comfortable on this yoga mat.

It has features like padded reversible which makes this yoga mat remarkable. Since we all know that it is not expensive, Adidas is well known for its quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good quality branded yoga mat that is reliable and aided by a well-known brand then you can consider this mat. This is a perfect yoga mat for practicing yoga with the possibility of slipping single-handed tree saplings, Pungu Mayursana, Sayansana, Taraksavasana, and many more.

8. Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat, 6mm

Next on our list is a mat from Fitbit and the length of this mat is 6 mm. Apart from this, the mat is also available in 4 different colors. Talking about the characteristics of the mat, the mat can absorb sweat easily but will not smell it even after long use at the same time.

The bottom of the mat is textured and therefore it is capable of gaining sufficient traction with the ground. The material used to make this yoga mat is closed cell foam which is also known as high-density foam.

The mat is 173 cm long and 61 cm wide. This mat can be easily folded for storage and carrying purposes.

9. Reebok Fitness Training Yoga Mat

The next on our list of Best Yoga Mats in India is Yoga Mat presented by one of the renowned brands for its quality Reebok. It has a non-slip viscous texture to help you maintain tough pets like Sirsana, Kakasana, Vasisthasana, and many more.

It has a bold reversible design with stripes and crosses. It has a size of 173 cm x 61 cm, which means you can easily add to it if you are a tall person. It has a thickness of 8mm which is enough to make you feel comfortable.

If you are looking for other colors and designs, you can transfer them to Amazon. It is suitable for all kinds of yoga, exercise, and practice.

10.  Pro Lite Non-Slip Yoga Mat

At number 10 of Best Yoga Mats in India, we have a pro-light non-slip yoga mat which is another best-selling product on our list. In terms of dimensions, the mat is 6 feet in length and 2 feet in width.

The thickness of this mat is 6 mm which provides the best amount of cushion. In addition, this mat is available in 6 attractive colors that can be used by both men and women.

The manufacturer has also included straps on the yoga mat which makes it really easy for you to carry the yoga mat. The total weight of the mat is only 700 grams and hence it can prove to be a suitable travel companion for you.

Like other products, this mat also has a nice texture that gives you a grip and it does not fall to the ground in any way. It is a versatile Mat that can be used for gym workouts, indoor workouts, and even yoga.