The Most Dangerous Cities in The World

The Most Dangerous Cities in The World

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Most Dangerous Cities in The World

The Most Violent and Dangerous Cities in the World! Going on adventurous holidays is a great way to discover the world and explore exotic places. But there are cities that are definitely not tourist-friendly. In these cities, the danger is just around the corner.

Number One – San Pedro Sula, Honduras San Pedro Sula is the second largest metropolis in Honduras. It’s known as the most violent city in the most violent country. Street gangs have taken over the city. They extort money, recruit young boys, and rape innocent women. They even engage in murder, as well as humans, weapons, and drug trafficking. In fact, about eighty percent of the cocaine headed for America passes through Honduras. Almost seventy percent of the population lives in poverty and organized crime is growing. Impunity, corruption, fierce land disputes, political people, and gang wars portray the city.

Number Two – San Salvador, San Salvador is the largest city in the small nation of El Salvador. Some of the most violent gangs in the world originate from this city. Pick Axes, machetes, and guns are the most used weapons by these fearless gangs. Forensic teams from a local morgue have to collect dead bodies from the streets every night. Then dozens of families go to the morgue daily. They search for missing loved ones and identify the dead. A task deemed difficult because victims are often dismembered. Cut at the knees, hips, elbows, arms, and the neck.

Number Three – Acapulco, Mexico Once a tropical paradise Acapulco is now a city plagued by violence and danger. The upsurge in killings has made Acapulco one of Mexico’s most violent cities. Rival gang slayings, even in popular tourist areas are keeping people in fear for their lives. In a city with such extreme violence, locals feel forced to arm themselves. They carry a gun in a bag wrapped around their neck whenever they leave their homes. Acapulco is now less than an ideal place for economic and social activity, thanks to drug violence, organized crime, and a decline in tourism.

Number Four – Cali, Colombia Cali is the most populous city in southwest Colombia. Despite its booming economy, this city ranks among the world’s most dangerous. The crime statistics deemed Cali as the most murderous city in Colombia. They also ranked the city with the sixth-highest murder rate in the world. Drug trafficking is the reason Cali has a murder rate. Many of these murders occur when drug-dealing gangs try to assert their authority over one another in this illegal trade.

Number Five – Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town is a popular holiday spot, but this city has a troubled and violent history. It presents potential dangers to unsuspecting tourists. Crime and gang violence is a real problem in Cape Town. This city is prone to violence related to drug trafficking as well. It’s also one of the few cities where stabbings still outnumber the events of gun violence. Many of the city’s suburbs face poverty and these areas have become a breeding ground for brutal gangs.

Number Six – Fortaleza, Brazil Fortaleza is the capital of Sierra State in northeastern Brazil. It’s known for its beautiful pristine beaches making it an exclusive holiday destination. Despite the breathtaking landscapes, levels of violence and murder are high in Fortaleza. The drug trade fuels the city’s crime, especially crime that involves cocaine by the city’s gangs.

Number Seven – St. Louis, USA St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the United States. Racial violence, drug running, and corrupt politicians consume the city. Violent crime rates have soared in recent years, and the murder rate has also seen a significant rise. It is speculated that crime rates may be influenced by the ‘Ferguson Effect‘, a turmoil after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed African-American teenager. This incident sparked mass riots, increasing the likelihood of violent crime.

Number Eight – Guatemala, Guatemala Guatemala is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Guatemala. It’s also one of the most volatile cities in the Western Hemisphere. There’s a high level of drug trafficking with significant rates of drug supplies. This city is suffering from massive murders, kidnappings, sexual assaults, robberies, and thefts. All this crime is accompanied by less than adequate political and legal institutions.

Number Nine – Kingston, Jamaica Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica, a balmy tropical island. But despite the gorgeous beaches and breathtaking mountain backdrop, violence consumes the city. Political corruption, gang violence, and a blossoming narcotics trade are serious problems and Kingston. Burglary is a crime of opportunity in this city.

Number Ten – Caracas Venezuela Caracas has one of the top five highest per capita murder rates in the world. Armed robberies and short-term abductions are common. These ‘express kidnappings’ take place aiming to drain the victim’s bank accounts. Also, kidnappings of foreign nationals occur from homes, hotels, taxis, and even airport terminals. Flyers or pamphlets handed out on the streets are often impregnated with disorienting drugs. Criminals also befriend tourists in bars and restaurants, offering them food or drinks that are spiked with drugs. Theft from hotel rooms is also a major problem in this city.

Number Eleven – Natal, Brazil The city is known for its high rates of all crimes, including theft, physical and sexual assault and carjacking – but its murder rate puts Natal in the top dangerous city, the city remains a popular tourist destination for beautiful scenic spots around its borders. Its high crime and murder rates are attributed to poverty and violence between prisoners and gangs.

Number Twelve – Irapuato The medium-sized Mexican city of Irapuato (population less than 400,000) has recently reported an increase in the killing rate of 81 on 100,000 people on Mexican security issues, mainly due to the dilemma between the Jalisco Cartel New Generation and Santa Rosa Day. A video released by the Lima Cartel later promised to evacuate outsiders from the area and showed mass shootings at the bar, as well as men with rifles. Local police announced two years ago that they would no longer handle organized crime and leave it to the federal government, leaving no front-line response to cartel-related violent crime.