The Best Marvel Movies of All Time | Top 10 Best Marvel Movies

The Best Marvel Movies of All Time | Top 10 Best Marvel Movies

The Best Marvel Movies

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, I decided to take a look at what are the Top 10 Marvel Movies. Before I begin, I would like to mention I haven’t seen every Marvel film, so they won’t all be on this list. In fact, here are the films I haven’t seen that may be marvelous but won’t be seen here. and also, remember this is my list, and there are most likely going to be a couple of entries here that you disagree with. After all, a top 10 list really is the only opinion. If you disagree with something, feel free to tell me in the comments below. Now let’s get started.

Number 10: Spider-Man. The first film in SamRaimi’s trilogy, Spider-Man is a great beginning to a series, topping The Amazing reboot just by a bit. With sweet web-slinging action and an unforgettable, if not slightly over-the-top green Goblin by Willem Dafoe, this is the original Peter Parker action-packed origin story and it’s great.

Number 9: X-Men: First Class. After two great X-Men films and two terrible ones, First Class could’ve gone either way. But it was definitely on the great side. What with the story and the awesome villain, the music and the great performances from all the cast, and of course seeing your favorite mutant leaders, Magneto and Professor X as young men, this movie is definitely worth checking out.

Number 8: X-Men. The first Bryan Singer X-Men movie, 2000’s X-Men proved that superhero movies could be completely fantastic. A lot of people like X2: X-Men United more, in part due to the fact that it has a bit of a darker tone, and while I liked that movie as well, I prefer a fun superhero movie as oppose to a dark one, as you probably will find out on this list. X-Men introduced us to a lot of cool superheroes like Wolverine and ProfessorX, was one of the first big Marvel movies, and also had one of the coolest superhero villains out there, Magneto.

Number 7: Captain America: The First Avenger.One of the more underrated Marvel movies, in my opinion, the First Avenger really surprised me. I didn’t think I was going to like it, but when I did, I have just entertained the entire way through. I thought the action was really cool, I really liked the villain and the hero, and pretty much everything else about this movie. Something I like about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that, while DC is trying to be dark and gritty, Marvel is just having fun with it and making great movies in the process.

Number 6: Iron Man. Yeah, this one is always on someone’s Marvel top 10. This one was a bit higher on my list, but then more and more Marvel movies started coming out, so now it’s at number 6. That doesn’t mean that it still isn’t a ton of fun. The character of Tony Stark is one of my favorites in any work of fiction, and Robert Downey Jr. is the best fit for the role. And no one walked out of that theater after seeing Iron Man blow up a tank and then fly away and wish they didn’t have one of those sweet suits.

Number 5: Spider-Man 2. I imagine Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy as a mountain. The first one was the uphill journey, the third one was the downhill, and the second one was the peak. Spider-Man 2 took everything the first Spider-Man did and did it better. It had really dynamic action scenes, namely the one on the train and the one on the top of the clocktower. It had a really good story about Peter and his path of stopping being Spider-Man and then having to get back into it, and having to deal with the fact that his best friend, Harry Osborn, thinking he murdered his father is trying to kill him. And the villain is also just perfect, which is all I want to say without spoiling anything. For his next Spidey film, Marc Webb needs to take notes from this one.

Top 10 best marvel movies

Number 4: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. the very recent superhero movie, The Winter Soldier another sequel that was better than the original. With great action, amazing mainland supporting characters, and above all an intriguing, thought-provoking, and interesting plot, Captain America’s return is one of the epic proportions. I loved basically everything in this movie, especially the supporting cast. Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Falcon were amazing in the movie. That wouldn’t have done much for it though if everything else wasn’t amazing as well.

Number 3: X-Men: Days of Future Past. I was beginning to write this article around mid-May, but I decided to put it on hold just for X-Men: Days of Future Past, just because I had heard so many good things about it. And it was absolutely worth it. Days of Future Past is now one of my favorite movies and probably of all-time as far as I’m concerned. The action in this one is great of course, but what really makes this movie is its story and characters. With a really cool time-travel story about hope and determination, and also with really good, fleshed-out, relatable characters, and fantastic performances from, well, basically everyone. They’re, all in all is no reason you shouldn’t see this movie if you’re an X-Men fan, a superhero fan, an action fan, or just a fan of good filmmaking.

Number 2: Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, where to begin with this movie. If you had told me two years ago when I had just seen the avengers and told me Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be pretty much just as awesome, I would have laughed in your face. Then two years later, I would feel really stupid. This movie was really great with action, cool visual effects, blah blah all that stuff that all the movies on this list have. But the thing that set this movie apart was that it was down-right hilarious. I found myself laughing every other minute. Another thing about this movie is the characters. Yeah, the Avengers are epic, but I have to say, character-wise, I probably liked the Guardians of the Galaxy more. A very, very tiny bit more. Now, before I reveal my number 1 pick, which most of you have probably already guessed, here are a couple of Marvel films that didn’t quite make it:Thor: The Dark World X2Iron Man 3 The Amazing Spider-Man

Number 1: The Avengers. You saw this one coming, didn’t you? Take all the things I’ve said about the other movies on this list, and mash them together. The Avengers is the most incredible superhero movie I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, it has an amazing villain, it assembles the superheroes from some of my favorite movies, has great action, visuals, and you just come out of this movie going, “That was a ton of fun.” This movie is simply Marvellous. Ok, what are your favorite Marvel movies? Did you agree with me or not. Whatever you think, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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