The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change your life

The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change your life

12 Laws Of Karma

The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change YourLife: Almost everyone has heard of karma. However, karma is not about punishment and reward as many people think; It’s more about cause and effect. Action is your patient and the outcome of the activity can be beneficial to know about the action and will help influence the way you treat others. If you want to create a good idea of ​​your own reasons, you need to deliberately perform actions that will result in a positive outcome to your aspirations. Mastering these actions is important for living a meaningful life and will put a smile on your face at the end. So, here are 12 laws of karma and how you can apply them to your advantage!

Number 1 – The Great Law “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP” As a farmer sows seeds and expects a harvest period, whatever you sow, you will reap. Whatever you do to people will be done for you in the end. When you want to treat people right, you will find that they often treat you more positively. It can take time – seeds often take time to grow – but your words, actions, or thoughts – always yield to them as a result. They can come back to you in the form of love, money, or happiness. Therefore, you should be kind and courteous towards people, regardless of your situation. Remember, your actions and even your responses will somehow come back to you.

Number 2 – The Law of Creation “YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT” The law of creation teaches us that our own control of life is greater than our own. Most people do not accept accountability and often blame others for the wrong things that happen to them instead of trying to shape their destiny. Don’t take a seat in the back of your life. Use the opportunities and ideas that come to you and make the best of them. Also, note that you eventually continue to see what you see around you. Therefore, surround yourself with where you are going and what you want to be. This does not mean that the people around you should try to change – you try that you cannot succeed – instead, work towards improving yourself because you alone are responsible for what happens to you.

Number 3 – The Law Of Humility “WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS” In life, to deal with problems and find solutions, you must first accept that you have such problems and challenges. It is often our inability to accept that we have certain conflicts that prevent us from finding solutions. However, you cannot change the situation without the status quo! When you constantly see something negative happening in your life and you refuse to accept its presence, you basically start building negative forces against it; And unfortunately, this energy resides within you. On the other hand, when you learn to recognize these problems, you can recognize that you have the ability to influence change and find solutions. So, look at your life properly; Everything is negative and positive – to fully evaluate both. Accept your reality and where you were. Then, you will get the power to make the necessary changes.

Number 4 – The Law of Growth “WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU WILL BE” If you want to develop and make your dreams and visions a reality, you need to understand that your inner life controls the outside world. Your thoughts eventually become the way you work and your actions frame your world. negative thoughts will create a negative environment, on the other hand, positive thinking will turn you into a positive world. Reconstruct your reality by improving your thoughts and preferences and achieve what you dreamed of.

Number 5 – The Law of Responsibility “OUR LIVES ARE OF OUR OWN DOING, NOTHING ELSE” This law – like the law of construction – focuses on the fact that our reality is a constant reflection of our state of mind. When you notice the noise and turmoil around you, you need to start taking responsibility for the situation you are dealing with. Engage in deep inner reflection and take time to step out of this type of situation by taking time behind peace. Even when something unexpectedly terrible happens to you, don’t waste time stressing the experience. Instead, learn a lesson and take responsibility to make things better. When you are responsible for all your thoughts and actions, you feel in control – you need to move.

Number 6 – The Law of Connection “EVERYTHING YOU DO IS SOMEHOW CONNECTED” The past, present, and future are all connected; And your past and present have a significant impact on your future. You should realize that no “one step” will suddenly shoot you towards the future of your dreams. every step you take now is equally important. Your future is truly the ultimate in your past choices and actions. Therefore, try to take action according to your destination. That’s the only way you can get there.

Number 7 – The Law of Focus “YOU CANNOT THINK OF TWO THINGS AT THE SAMETIME” In your quest for improvement, you need to focus on the real issues. The law of focus helps you to keep your focus on the values ​​that will initially help you reach the heights you are looking for. Focusing on positive feelings, growth, and goals will not take your time to focus on negative things. And it’s a good thing. When you don’t find yourself in a very pleasant state, always look for the bright side. This can be a difficult task to do, but once you make it a habit to recognize lessons in negative events, you will learn from these experiences and become better.

Number 8 – The Law of Giving and Hospitality “DEMONSTRATING OUR SELFLESSNESS SHOWS TRUE INTENTIONS” It is impossible to believe that this will not be reflected in our actions. Truly, our actions prove that we truly believe. If you really want a life with meaningful impact, then selflessness is a key quality that you need to display on a regular basis. You must learn to integrate, expose, and support people – even when you barely know them. When it becomes a habit in your life, it proves that you have grown something because truly mature people lead selfless lives – they are always ready to help others develop and improve.

Number 9 – The Law of Presence “ONE CANNOT BE PRESENT IF THEY ARE LOOKING BACKWARD – OR, FOR THAT MATTER, FORWARD” This law is a tactical one because it seems to be a matter of past and future – something that contradicts the sixth law. But not really. Let’s look at it this way; As humans, we often have a tendency to think about past achievements or failures. And sometimes, it remains in our dreams of the future that prevent us from seeing the possibilities of the present. We want to forget that the present has many more qualities than the past and the future. In fact, the steps you take now are more important than memories of the past and dreams of the future. You need to learn how to deal with the past and the future while living in the present. Use the lessons from the past and now the dreams of a great future to drive yourself to take the necessary steps.

Number 10 – The Law of Change “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF UNLESS CHANGED” Nothing changes until you change it. This is the rule of change. To correct negative choices and bad habits, it is not enough just to make up your mind to do so. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you discover a negative trend in your life, you need to try to twist it. Even if the real change starts from the inside, it never ends. Take action with resolution. Do something about your decision. This is the only way you can develop and improve. This is the only way to bring about positive change.

Number 11 – The Law of Patience and Reward “NOTHING OF VALUE IS CREATED WITHOUT A PATIENTMINDSET” The reward comes with patience. No matter how long it takes, if you continue to sow the seeds of hard work, the reward will come in time. You need to make decisions that fit your goals and make decisions. Focus on the process and do your best every day. Don’t seem to be stuck comparing yourself with more recipients. If you really understand your value, don’t bother to compare. Hard work is ultimately time-consuming – you just have to be patient.

Number 12 – The Law of Significance and Inspiration “THE BEST REWARD IS ONE THAT CONTRIBUTES TO THE WHOLE” This last law and the first law are quite similar. The first law focuses on the individual, while the last law focuses on the combined effect of the action. It is true that in the end, you will do what you sow but we must understand that our individual decisions and actions become our ultimate contribution to society. All of our motives and actions create a lot of energy that produces results that affect all of us. This energy is ultimately transmitted to our society and around the world. Therefore, make sure your actions provide value and inspiration to others. Make conscious efforts to make people better. Follow your goals and passions.

Whether you believe in Karma or not, you can probably agree that these laws contain fundamental principles and wisdom that anyone and everyone can apply to make life better. To live a life of impact you genuinely desire, mastering these 12 laws of Karma will prove very useful in your quest for fulfillment. What do you think? Do you believe in Karma? What are your thoughts on these karmic laws? Share your thoughts and comments below!