Mrugavani National Park, Hyderabad:  A Family Weekend Getaway

Mrugavani National Park, Hyderabad: A Family Weekend Getaway

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Located in the slightly silent and remote region of Chilkur in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, Mrugavani National Park is the most popular weekend getaway for the locals and a common favorite destination for tourists.

Its lush green environment is considered to be the best among both plants and animals. The Government of India declared Mrigabani National Park as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1994 with the aim of conserving nature and wildlife without any human intervention for the promotion of flora and fauna.

It is home to many species of animals. Some of the common animals found here are wild boar, black horse, Indian snake, fox and many more. It also contains rich avian animals.

Some of the birds you can see in this wildlife sanctuary are peacocks, warfarers, flower packers, lapping. There are more than 100 different species of birds, making it an ideal place for bird watchers.

Mrigawani National Park represents a strong Deccan formation as it is composed of many rock formations. Its plants are mainly tropical with dry forests and grasslands.

The current world of technology has orbited around technology and modernity. Modern life is in great demand and many more places and resources are threatened in our world.

One can see that ultimately national parks have become the last refuge of most species of animals and various plants of the world. Even the governments of many countries are now aware of the importance of conserving this last species in wildlife sanctuaries.

Mrigavani National Park in the state capital has become a major tourist attraction of a beautiful national park. The most exciting thing is that in a land like India with foreign and immense natural resources, this should be a major achievement.

Like most national parks, even Mrigabhani National Park has low-cost human intervention and participation to ensure that all valuable animals are confined to their comfortable natural habitat.

The animals are diverse as they come to the wildlife sanctuary. For curious travelers, foxes, black-headed rabbits, wild boar as well as Indian vipers are the most attractive species.

Mrugavani National Park Information

Mrugavani National Park Entry Fee: INR 10/person
Entry Timings: Tuesday to Sunday. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Best Time To Visit: The park can be visited throughout the year

How To Reach:

  • By Train: Nearest railway stations are Nampally and Hyderabad Decan
  • By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at a distance of 31 km
  • By Road: Roads are smooth, which makes driving pleasant. One can also take government-run or private buses from the city to Mrugavani National Park

Distance From Major Places:

  • Hyderabad: 25 km
  • Indira Park: 30 km
  • Lumbini Park: 28 km
  • Peddamma Temple: 37 km
  • Mount Opera: 64 km
  • Qutub Shahi Tomb: 16 km

Where To Stay

Telangana Tourism operates the Plaza Hotel in Begat, a comfortable accommodation located 22.4 km from Mrugavani National Park. Plaza Hotel is an ideal location for Hyderabad and nearby places.

There are standard and deluxe A / C rooms and interiors are world-class, designed to attract tourists aesthetically. The hotel rooms are beautifully maintained, the atmosphere feels pleasant and the hotel is built in a signature style in the heart of the city.

Offering a premier hotel of Telangana tourism, there is also an attached restaurant to serve quality food to visitors at specific times, the Plaza Hotel has well-arranged tiles, the wooden construction of the suites indicates world-class construction, Making it a historic hotel in the Department of Tourism.

Harita Taramati Baradari Resort, 7.7 km from Mrigbani National Park is an interesting destination in Hyderabad. The resort has an open-air auditorium, which is ideal for corporate ceremonies and private events.

It has an air-cooled theater and banquet hall suitable for special events, conferences, and exhibitions. It comes with an attached pantry, a multi-kitchen A / C restaurant, and a 50px A / C bar (Saki), which provides the best facilities for fitness and leisure to spend some quality time.

There are A / C suites and A / C rooms which can be an ideal way to enjoy luxury in the vicinity of a major monument. With all the trappings of the resort with the best accommodation and quality food, the heritage destination has never been so luxurious to spend time near!

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Flora & Fauna

Since there are different types of birds in Mrugabani National Park, bird watchers are going to treat them. From peacocks, quails, lapwing, flowerpeckers, and wolfberries to babblers, partridges, ducks, and curls, there are plenty of beauties.

Some of the wildlife in the sanctuary include caterpillars, monitor lizards, wild cats, chitals, sambars, mangoes, wild boars, jackfruits, foxes, coupons, and dark-haired rabbits. The plant species of the garden are teak, rosewood, neem, bamboo, sandalwood, etc.

1. How many spotted deers are in Mrugavani National Park?

Mrugavani National Park is home to around 350 spotted deers

2. When was Mrugavani National Park declared a National Park?

Mrugavani National Park was declared a National Park in 1994.

3. Which are the most famous tourist attractions near Mrugavani National Park?

Some of the most famous tourist attractions that you can visit near this national park are Indira Park, Lumbini Park, and Qutub Shahi Tomb.

4. Which are the best hotels near Mrugavani National Park?

Lemon Tree Hotel, Hyatt Hyderabad, Fairfield by Marriott, and Mrugavani Resort and Spa are the hotels located near Mrugavani National Park.