How to be Smart: 12 Habit to Boost Your Intelligence

How to be Smart: 12 Habit to Boost Your Intelligence

How to be Smart

How to be Smart: as neuroscience and psychology continue to advance we are quickly realizing that intelligence is fluid which basically means that your baseline intelligence levels and the speed of your cognitive processes can be improved and this can happen in some very surprising ways so here we are presenting 12 habits to rapidly increase your intelligence and develop a lightning-fast brain one exercise studies have shown time and time again that physical exercise is necessary for cognitive health regular exercise can increase brain function improve memory speed up cognitive processes and fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia luckily you don’t need to spend too much time in the gym to accomplish your goal of a better brain.

Number 1 experts suggest that 15 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is all that is necessary to optimize cognitive health to get out in the sunlight ever since the skin cancer scare people have been avoiding the Sun and covering their skin with chemicals not only has this made us all look like vampires but it’s created some very real health problems most notably of which is vitamin D deficiency. recent studies have shown a definitive link between vitamin D deficiency and impaired cognitive health when you don’t get sufficient amounts of sunlight you can expect to suffer from mood swings depression anxiety and a whole slew of other negative effects so do your brain a favor and get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight every day.

Number 2 get eight to nine hours of high-quality sleep we all know that sleep deprivation can kill you but did you know that it can literally make you dumber to people who regularly get six or few hours of sleep a night are shown to have severe cognitive impairment that they aren’t even aware of their performance is slower their intelligence scores are lower and their general productive output is only a fraction of what it could be if you get only six hours of sleep at night and you think you’re fine you aren’t get seven to nine hours of sleep at night and you can literally make yourself smarter for drink coffee and supplement with creatine separately.

Number 3 the research says that coffee literally makes you smarter in addition to staving off depression dementia and Alzheimer’s. Coffee has been shown to increase cognitive output and speed up cognitive processes similarly a daily five-gram dose of creatine has been shown to have significant cognitive benefits with almost no appreciable side-effects just be sure to take these four to six hours apart since creatine and caffeine have been shown in a handful of studies to have negative chemical interactions with one another.

Number 4 meditate for ten to thirty minutes a day meditation has been shown to help rebuild gray matter in the brain and increase cognitive performance significantly simply sitting down and following a guided meditation for 10 minutes a day can have huge benefits for your brain in the long run but down the TV remote and pick up your headspace app you won’t regret it

Number 5 play a variety of different games that’s right you heard it right different games although there are definite drawbacks to playing copious amounts of video games things aren’t all bad many studies have shown that specific games ranging from the call of duty to Sudoku can have positive cognitive benefits when practiced and moderate doses while the correlation is still under investigation there’s enough evidence present that we recommend everyone to play some sort of game for 15 to 30 minutes a day

Number 6 eat a diet high in healthy fats and low and processed sugars Numerous studies have shown that your diet has a great effect on your cognitive performance, although, in most of our studies we have just cracked the surface, it seems that the foods you eat and your cognition have a direct relationship to health specifically studied: 100 grams of healthy dietary fat such as Fish olive oil and avocados have a positive effect on perception and eating processed foods has the opposite effect so eat and think your brain before eating a lot of vegetables and healthy fat.

Number 7 – Always Question The Status Stupid people simply accept whatever is thrown at them or given to them and whatever just seems normal to them. They don’t do research and don’t question the status. Smart people never accept the status and they understand that if something is the status, there needs to change. There are voids that need to be filled.

Number 8 – Smart in More Than One Area Many people are highly knowledgeable in one topic and can speak about it endlessly. But does this mean they are really smart? Smart people take the time to educate themselves on a variety of topics and any subject of interest that is popular with the masses. They can hold a conversation with anyone, about almost anything. Smart people are proud of their opinions and they understand that to make a valuable one, they have to research popular trends and why people are attracted to them.

12 Habit to Boost Your Intelligence

Number 9 – Understand the Concept of Time Smart people block out distractions when trying to figure things out. They can quickly recognize what is useful and helpful to their thought process and what the most important things are to help them achieve their goals. They focus only on these important things rather than on things that will push them farther away from staying on track. Smart people are aware that average people get bogged down with pointless distractions throughout the day that serves no positive purpose in their lives. They know how to ignore these things and focus on using their abilities to be as productive as they can be.

Number 10 – Focus on the message, not the messenger. Often people turn their minds away from the learning experience because of the nature of the person providing the information. Smart people do not do this. They understand that an alternative view of an unknown source can be really interesting once a natural urge for justice has passed. Smart people are open-minded and appreciate the value of someone else’s opinion. What they think or feel about someone does not give them the ability to think or at least have fun. Smart people want their interactions to be a learning experience.

Number 11 – Smart People Learn From Others’Mistakes, Not Just Their Own Smart people try to avoid mistakes that others have already made. They do a lot of research on their industry and learn from stories of other successful and not-so-successful people. They not only want to know what to do to succeed but also what not to do. A smart person of course also learns from his or her mistakes. They just take it a step further to include the mistakes others have made.

Number 12 – Smart People Don’t Give Up It can often seem like a good and practical idea to abandon a sinking ship, however, smart people know that the ship might only have a small leak and can be saved. They understand and practice persistence, knowing that things normally get tougher before becoming easier. While most people may quit sooner along the way, smart people hold out and persevere. If you already do these things, keep it up. If you don’t, you’ll probably want to start! The sooner the better! Did we forget to mention any other things only smart people do? If so, let us know!