Coronavirus Prevention: How to Stay Safe from COVID 19

Coronavirus Prevention: How to Stay Safe from COVID 19

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

Coronavirus Prevention: You must have heard about coronavirus. In today’s article, we will be talking about the same thing We will talk about the virus itself, how it spreads, how it affects us, and how to stay safe during the present scenario. A coronavirus is a group of viruses they have been around for some time now This new virus which we call the new strain, a new type of virus, has been detected for the 1st time This virus has been named “NovelCorona Virus” because the 1st case was detected in 2019 we name it as Covid-19 and the disease is coronavirus disease or COVID which is an abbreviation

There are many types of coronavirus, and we have known about them for quite some time now But we are not aware of this new strain on coronavirus as to How will it react? How will it change? How will it multiply? These are the things which we are trying to figure out And due to this lack of knowledge, we have a fear of the unknown So how did we come about naming this group “Corona”? The structure of the virus has lots of bulb like structure on its peripheral part or on the membrane and they form a corona or a halo type illusion that’s why the name coronavirus.

Corona means a halo or an outer membrane this is the basic understanding of coronavirus. Coronavirus or for that matter any virus cannot multiply outside the living cell which means if we keep this virus outside our body or the living cell It is like sugar crystals or salt kept in a jar on the table It won’t be able to do anything on its own unless this virus enters the cells of a living body To explain it further, imagine the virus to be a DVD which has movies/songs This DVD has the information but we cannot access that information on its own but if we use a DVD player, we will get the information same is the case with the virus It contains all the information in the genetic material required to multiply but as long as it does not enter a living being it won’t be able to multiply so if we can prevent it from entering our body, we are safe and we have to take care of protecting ourselves.

We always say that prevention is better than cure and in the case of coronavirus or novel coronavirus this is no cure or any vaccine available as of now so there is a big question mark precisely due to the lack of information, people are scared and there is a panic situation around the world But there are so many simple ways using which we can protect ourselves you must have seen everyone talking about washing your hands.

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus
How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

Now how does this virus enter our body and from where? It affects the Respiratory Tract It can enter through our nose when we inhale or our mouth if we swallow something or our eyes The tears in our eyes, drain into the nesal passage and from there enters our mouth That is why when we put eye drops for other infections we are able to taste the bitter taste of those eye drops The whole passage is connected If the virus is in our hands its on our fingers and we touch our eyes, nose or something which later on we ate, this virus will enter our body

That is why we are advised to wash our hands 2,3,4 times a day Especially when u come home This is an age-old practice Our parents, grandparents used to tell us to wash our hands, feet and even face when we enter the house We used to get irritated with the same daily instructions But this is a very simple method to protect yourself We have to prevent this virus from entering our body If we wash our hand thoroughly with soap and use sanitizers we are washing away that virus But how did it come onto our hands in the first place?

Suppose there is an infected person This person has that virus in his body If that person sneezes or coughs, the virus in his respiratory tract in the form of small droplets of saliva is transferred to his hand or to his handkerchief or on his body now suppose he shake hands with that person or we don’t but that person hands us something Maybe a key or an Rs. 100 note Now the virus has been transferred onto our hands and if we touch our eyes, nose or eat something without washing our hands then that virus is going to enter our body so hand wash is a must It helps prevent many infections and we have been doing it for a long time and in the present sensation this practice is very very very important because there is nothing we can do about this virus right now, but we can definitely prevent that virus from entering our body.

Stay Safe from COVID 19

There are a few more simple Indian traditions we can follow Normally what happens is, we get inspired by other countries and other cultures very easily and we keep forgetting our cultures In indian culture, we greet with Namaste But in the western culture, if you are greeting somebody, you shake hands Again there is a physical contact And if that individual has some kind of virus on his hand it will be transferred onto ours There are many countries which have recognised This Indian practice and tradition The Prime Minister of Israel has asked the citizens to follow the Indian traditions Greet others by Namaste Even our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) asked us to do the same There are many advantages of doing Namaste, but in the current scenario avoiding physical contact is the most important one So if by doing Namaste, the virus from the infected person will definitely not enter our body By simply washing your hands,

whenever you come indoors you have to wash your hands thoroughly Use sanitizers Avoid public places Maintain distance if you see someone sneezing or coughing Normally maintaining a distance of 6 feet is safe Because when a person sneezes the droplets come out which are heavy particles and cannot travel a long distance hence fall down so if you maintain the proper distance the droplets won’t reach you These are very small things but these are going to help us prevent ourselves from getting this infection So we can very easily handle this problem Use soaps, use sanitizers Keep washing your hand as many times as possible And greet with Namaste so as to control this problem to a great extent

All the countries are working o developing medicines, vaccines against this novel coronavirus But it is going to take some time Because to develop the vaccine for the treatment is not an easy task It takes a lot of time Any new medicine first goes through animal testing and then is available for humans It is a long process. It will take time, but I am sure our scientists are going to come up with solutions So till then we can prevent ourselves from coronavirus You must have read articles on various websites regarding what all you can do to prevent the virus You can call it a myth or a belief But I will give you some examples

Some people say that we should add tulsi leaves to the water we drink Tulsi has medicinal properties They say it protects you if you take tulsi It prevents you from getting infections because tulsi has antimicrobial properties We are not really sure if it will prevent from coronavirus But there is no harm in taking tulsi So if we take tulsi, we don’t know whether it is going to protect us from corona or not But at-least we will be able to enhance our immune system and with a stronger immune system, we are able to fight better with such kinds of infections

The newspaper report says The younger people are less likely to get infected as compared to the older The reason is that the younger people have a more powerful immune system and as you grow older, your immune system gets weeker We should do all that we can to improve our immune system Tulsi can be one thing As I said, scientists have no confirmatory reports wether tulsi will prevent us or not But there is no harm trying it Many articles say that you should boil tulsi, honey or ginger and drink that to increase the immunity

We use haldi as an antiseptic It has antimicrobial properties It is said that drinking haldi with a warm glass of milk increases immunity Basically all these remedies Are to increase your immunity There is no proof that this will kill coronavirus or prevent coronavirus But we can always follow these household remedies To enhance our immunity So coronavirus is not new but the strain is new and we don’t have any complete information available about this new strain and that is why we have this fear of the unknown So stay safe, wash your hands with soap, use sanitizers And greet people with NAMASTE

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