12 Common Dream Meanings You Should Never Ignore

12 Common Dream Meanings You Should Never Ignore

Common Dream Meanings

Common Dream Meanings You Should NeverIgnore. Dreams… Everyone has them. They can be beautiful, magical, and exciting; but they can also be frightening – waking you up in the middle of the night in a panic. Today, we will explore some common dreams and their meanings – specifically ones that dream analysts say are worth paying attention to. And while science hasn’t yet proven that there is any exclusive meaning to dreams, experts continue to study dreams to promote self-awareness and to help us better understand what’s troubling us in our daily lives. Here are some common dreams you should not ignore!

Number 1 – Being Lost Or Trapped If you’ve had a dream where you found yourself lost or trapped, what this usually means is that you have uncertainty with regards to a particular situation in your life and you are unsure of what steps to take. Having dreams of being lost in a large building, being lost in the woods, or in some kind of maze can cause overwhelming feelings, as you can’t find your way out. And these dreams mirror the complications that you are experiencing in your life, be it financial, emotional, physical, or mental.

snake dream meaning

Number 2 – To see a snake in your dream or to bite someone refers to hidden fears and anxieties that threaten you. Your dream may give you some warning in your waking life that you do not know or that has not yet landed. Alternatively, the snake can be seen as a pelican and is a symbol of seduction, danger, and prohibited sex. To confuse the issue, some communities accept the snake as a positive symbol, representing healing, wisdom.

Number 3 – Missed Opportunities If you dream about scenarios where you miss a bus, plane, train, or some other form of public transportation, usually by just a fraction of a second, the dream may be mirroring real-life regrets you have about not pursuing something you wanted to. It could be that concert you missed, or not responding on time to that follow up call for that dream job. Other dreams that also signify these kinds of regrets are ones where you are late to an event, performance, or an interview.

Number 4 – Falling Or Sinking These dreams often include feelings of helplessness or being overwhelmed – dreams where you’re falling, usually from some high point like a tall building; or you could be sinking into a large body of water like the ocean. People often believe that having these dreams, or what is better thought of as nightmares, is a prediction of their own death, but this isn’t the case. Such a dream suggests that you are not happy or satisfied with where you are in life. Perhaps you have some fear of failure in some endeavor or more risky life choices you’ve made and they’re swinging around to bite you in the butt. To find meaning again, you may need to think of some new choices – or altogether carve a new, different path.

Number 5 – Being Chased This dream is most common among those suffering from anxiety. It’s often a dream where you are being chased by someone, an animal, or something else. In real life, this represents running away from a certain situation, or emotion not yet ready to be faced. It could be a breakup or grief.

Number 6 – Teeth If you’ve ever dreamed that your teeth are falling out, this indicates feelings of insecurity, not being good enough, or feeling unattractive. This could be in regard to a romantic relationship, school, or work. In addition, having a dream that involves the pulling of teeth is a sign that something needs to come out. And lastly, rotten teeth – this indicates anxiety or some kind of fear you are experiencing.

Common Dream Meanings You Should Never Ignore

Number 7 – Water This can either represent that you like to take chances or that you want to take more chances. If you dream about water, you probably have big goals and it’s a way for your subconscious to push you to aim high and keep your spirit up. And while taking risks can often seem scary, these dreams indicate that you are ready to take on a big risk in your life – in some new and unexplored areas.

Number 8 – Your Home When you dream about home, more specifically, your home, this represents your inner life. Different floors and rooms in the house can be associated with various degrees of consciousness and different aspects of an individual. The basement usually reflects neglect – things that have been neglected, or things that you may not be aware of in your waking life. Bedrooms relate to thoughts and feelings that are more intimate and closest to your core self. Any type of damage or destruction to your house in a dream suggests that you are lacking self-care and may even be sabotaging yourself. It’s a warning that your emotional wellbeing is at risk. If you dream about any kind of home improvement or discovering new spaces in your home, this represents that some area of your real life is moving in a positive direction and improving.

Number 9 – Flying I don’t know about you, but I find these dreams pretty awesome. I guess it’s safe to say that many of us wish we could fly. But what it means when you dream about flying is that you are ready to make some brave choices. When it comes to daily life, we face all kinds of pressures – they could be related to relationships, or work, or anything else – and we all seek some way of freeing ourselves from all the madness. Staying positive and making stronger choices will help with your much-needed release.

Number 10 – Roads Often, the many roads that we can take further complicate life. But when you dream about just a single road, this is your subconscious telling you to keep things simple. Your life is heading in the right direction if the roads are straight and clear. But if the roads are difficult to navigate, are dirty or you notice fog, this suggests that you need to reconsider your lifestyle- as you’ve taken a negative course in life. To simplify this, just remember that straight roads mean a journey with the positive flow and curved roads mean a journey with challenges.

Number 11 – Flowers If you have a dream about flowers, whether it’s just one or a bunch, pay attention because it’s a good indicator that in the near future, you’ll have some interesting opportunities coming your way. Perhaps there are some endeavors from your past that you put a lot of effort into, which will finally come to life. You could be looking at new beginnings and a desirable future. Now, if you dream about flowers that are dead, you may face an end to something in your life.

Number 12 Recurring Dreams Are you finding yourself having the same or similar dream over and over again? If the answer is yes, you should not ignore this. This is your subconscious using the power of repetition to tell you something about your personal growth. This dream will continue until you finally understand the message your mind is sending you. What are your thoughts? Have you recognized certain themes you frequently dream about? Let us know in the comments below!