Health Benefits of Mango and mango Shake | king of fruits

Health Benefits of Mango and mango Shake | king of fruits

Health Benefits of Mango Shake

Health Benefits of Mango and Mango Shake: Hey guys, you love mangoes? They’re sweet, brightly colored, and delicious! In some parts of the world, mangoes actually called the ‘King of Fruits’, and today, we’re gonna find out what are the health benefits of mango and mango shake.

Here’s why you should be eating more mangoes: They’re packed with the good stuff. Mangoes are full of vitamins and minerals your body needs but don’t take our word for it, check out all the benefits.

One cup of mango shake will give your body the following: 1 gram of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 20% of copper, almost your total recommended amount of vitamin C for the day, 10% of your vitamin A and E not to mention decent amounts of vitamin B5, K B6.

The list is really moving and we think you’ve probably just got the point, they’re really good for you. They will give a beautiful look to your hair and skin as the mangoes are loaded with a ton of vitamins C and A, these will help your hair grow and prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin A can also stimulate hair growth and produce ingredients that will help moisturize your scalp which in turn makes your hair look luxurious.

Not to mention all the vitamin C in there will boost your collagen levels. Collagen is your friend, especially when it comes to your skin, that’s what gives it it’s bounce and will help prevent it from getting wrinkled or losing shape.

Speaking of the skin, did you know mangoes are commonly used to treat acne? It’s a bit of a home remedy, but you can use the pulp by applying it to the affected area and it’s said to open clogged pores in your skin.

This could reduce the amount of acne on your skin. All you gotta do is apply the pulp into your skin for about 10 minutes and rinse.

Can Help Protect You From Asthma There’s something called beta-carotene that’s in things like mangoes, papaya, broccoli, carrots, and more? It’s said that this nutrient can help fight off the effects of asthma.

Asthma is a chronic illness that can affect anyone at any age and is commonly known to swell the airways to a person’s lungs, making it difficult to breathe at times.

It is said that people who consume large amounts of beta carotene have a lower risk of developing asthma. If you already have asthma, it probably won’t cure you as no cure is available, but giving your body a boost with all these added nutrients can’t hurt.

Antioxidants Ah yes, something we talk about all the time. Antioxidants are extremely important if you want to stay healthy. These protect your body from free radicals which are harmful compounds that basically collide with your body at the cellular level.

You want a lot of antioxidants that can fight them because free radicals are associated with bad things like cancer, diabetes, premature aging, and other diseases.

The good news is that mangoes are overflowing with polyphenols that act as antioxidants. It’s also been said that mangoes contain some “super antioxidants” as well. Just part of the reason why we think mangoes are super.

Good For Your Eyes So, we just covered how mangoes contain antioxidants which now you know are really good for you, well there are two specific ones called lutein and zeaxanthin which can help your peepers in a big way.

These compounds protect the retina and lenses in your eyes, but these particular compounds also have been proven to help you physically see further can help your eyes deal with glare more efficiently,

and will also help your eyes adjust more easily after they’ve been exposed to bright light, like when someone uses the flash on their camera and you see dots for the next 10 minutes, isn’t that annoying?

Can Help Your Heart Fiber, potassium, and lots of vitamins are all things that your heart loves. Cons using lots of these healthy vitamins and minerals can actually help you prevent heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

If you cut back on salt and increase the amount of potassium, you can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Plus the potassium and magnesium found in mangoes have been shown to help keep your pulse healthy, relax your blood vessels, and possibly help to lower your blood pressure. All that from a delicious mango!

Digestion Keeping your stomach happy is something we all want. No one wants indigestion or even worse, to become constipated. Turns out mangoes are good for your gut, too.

They help your stomach break down food so it can be absorbed into your system. It’s because of the digestive enzymes and these are really prominent in ripe mangoes, and the more ripe your mango is, the sweeter it is.

Not to mention mangoes have fiber, so that’ll help keep you regular and really help you out if you’re someone who experiences constipation or any digestive problems like that.

They’re Good Right Down To The BoneWait, mangoes don’t have bones, but you do! Yep, mangoes are good for your bones too. Because of vitamin K, they contain they can help make your bones stronger.

People who eat less vitamin K are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis. Vitamin K is made from plants, and you can get it from things like mangoes, kale, collard greens, Brussel sprouts, and more.

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Vitamin K also helps your body absorb calcium, which as you’ve probably heard before is good for your bone health.

Can Help Boost Your Immune System The vitamin that gets the spotlight on this topic is vitamin A. Mangoes provide about 10 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A and this one is essential for keeping your immune system healthy.

Your immune system fights off infections and keeps you healthy so keeping your vitamin A intake up is vital. Not to mention all the vitamin C that comes from mangoes can help your body make more white blood cells.

These are your bodies, mini heroes, that charge into battle to defend your body against disease.

These are the health benefits of mango and mango shake we have discussed. Mangoes are super versatile and easy to add to any diet. You can eat them sliced up on their own or you can add them to smoothies, salads, and even salsa!

One small thing to keep in mind is that mangoes are really sweet, so while they do contain all these health benefits, it’s best to limit yourself to about one mango a day, or about 2 cups.

The key to a healthy diet is variety so you don’t want to overdo it on any one particular thing at a time. What’s your favorite way to enjoy mango? Is it your favorite fruit, or do you enjoy something even more? Why not let us know in the comments section below.