12 Strange Phobias List You Have Definitely Never Heard Of

12 Strange Phobias List You Have Definitely Never Heard Of

List of strange phobias

12 strange phobias you may not know you have. When was the last time you felt terrified Maybe you were walking in the dark and heard a strange noise right behind you, or lightning and thunder were raging all night Or you were on that airplane ride and the weather was pretty rough We all fear something our hearts start beating like crazy

We sweat and tremble run out of breath and sometimes even have a full-blown panic attack It’s okay to admit it while most people’s fears are easy to explain and they can avoid scary Situations by turning on the light or avoiding Unleashed dogs some fears are something different Life is much more challenging when you are afraid of buttons or falling in love Here’s a list of 12 bizarre and unique phobias you won’t believe exist.

Number 1 Acribophobia Acrophobia is the fear of not being able to understand what you’re reading at the moment The name of this phobia is built from two greek words a Kuriboh Akribo, which means know for sure and Phobos, fear.

Sometimes it can even be a sign of schizophrenia when patients complained that the phrase breaks up into words and individual syllables Like many other fears. We’ll talk about today. This one is most definitely rooted in childhood memories Maybe a person was often laughed at for being a slow learner Many of us will agree it is hard to understand a geometry textbook though.

Number 2 Dextra phobia Dextra phobia is the fear of objects on the right side of the body The word Dextro in its name is of Latin origin and means to the right the reason for this fear is obsessive-compulsive personality Have you ever met people who are obsessed with the order at their office desk and keep all their stuff strictly to their left.

In that case, you have met a Dextra Phobe People with Dextra phobia also find it hard to move into the left lane when driving if they see a vehicle on the right side They are often laughter because of their unusual habits, which causes social anxiety in them.

Number 3 Doro phobia the holiday season must be a real nightmare for those who experience dural phobia This term is used to define the fear of receiving or making gifts the Greek word for gifts is thought owed so this is where the name of this phobia comes from the roots of this phobia are

Again in childhood memories some families can afford expensive gifts others can’t it leads to conflicts complexes and Reproaches some Dora Phobes still can’t beat those early memories of being mocked and would rather avoid gifts as adults.

Number 4 Lakha no phobia Lakha a phobia is the fear of vegetables the name comes from Greek La Hanako meaning vegetable people who suffer from it cannot stand the sight or smell of vegetables Next time you force your kids to eat broccoli

Remember you can be the reason they develop a phobia it can also happen if they see caterpillars Or worms vegetables kids have a rich imagination and some imagine they can turn into a caterpillar themselves if they eat the affected vegetable.

Number 5 home full of phobia: a home full of phobia is one of strange phobia the fear of bellybuttons. The name is built of greek words on fellow meaning navel and phobia. You must be wondering What is wrong with bellybuttons it might look like a knot in a balloon But why fear them well a bellybutton is often associated with a navel string and the mother’s womb

some people falsely believe that playing with their bellybutton and Accidentally tapping it can kill you People with this fear try not to touch their bellybutton when taking a bath Some of them even cover it or put a plaster on it for protection and they avoid going to the beach.

12 Weird Phobias List

Number 6 Umbra phobia Rain might seem like a good meditation tool for many people but not to those who have on Umbro phobia Yes, it is the fear of rain which is ambrose in greek people who suffer from it never miss a weather report even the thought of rain or a mention of it in the forecast makes them anxious when the first raindrops fall They get a panic attack and seek shelter you can say it as a normal human reaction But not

everyone is terrified out of their mind at the sight and sound of rain It probably does not make your heartbeat fast And your whole body tremble this fear most often comes from childhood traumatic Events of that time or being told by parents that rain would get you sick can be the reason of Omri phobia.

Number 7 Panthera phobia: Panthera phobia is the most strange phobia that is fear of Mother-in-law the Panthera part of this phobias name does not stand for panther it means mother-in-law The tensions between a man and his mother-in-law might be a popular subject of jokes.

But Panthera phobia is no joke for those who experience it Related phobias are victory so phobia fear of your stepfather No versa phobia fear of your stepmother and so Cyril phobia fear of your parents-in-law If your husband seems to be very afraid of your mother don’t blame him this fear is most definitely Genetic or comes from seeing someone experience it on TV or in movies.

Number 8 Pagano phobia: Pagano phobia is the fear of beards Boggan means beard in greek and fo Voz is fear as we know Has your mother ever told you to never trust a man with the beard or facial hair unless he is Santa Claus,

In fact, most fairy tale villains have beards take blue beard, for example, It is one of the reasons kids who were scared of them grow into Pagan of Fobus adults Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman even accused the BBC of being Pagano phobic when they wanted him to shave off his beard.

Number 9 Papa the phobia: Papa the phobia is the fear of the Pope or Papa in ancient Greek as it stands in the name It is quite a rare phenomenon closely related to hero phobia fear of priests or holy things While many people dream of seeing the Pope st. Peter’s Square in the Vatican is a place to avoid for all Papa the Phobos.

Number 10 Hero phobia: hero phobia from Greek hero meaning to be pleased and joyful is the fear of laughing in an appropriate environment for example At a funeral that can happen when your body is trying to protect you by a manifestation of joy in a shocking situation You might get this phobia if you were often told laughing in a similar situation is a terrible thing to do or Punished for it as a kid.

Number 11 Fela phobia: Fela phobia originates from Greek Filos loving of beloved and foe Voz for fear people with filler phobia avoid falling in love or having a relationship When they feel like they were exposed to the love they try to run away as fast as they can they also avoid watching romantic movies attending weddings and going to places where lovebirds usually gather a Life without love must be really torturing.

Number 12 selfie phobia is the fear of bad selfies a Person can go nuts trying to take a perfect shot of themselves, in fact, it can lead to sad Consequences and accidents since people who take selfies don’t notice any danger around them.

These are the most strange phobias list. Is there a way to get over any of these phobias Popular treatment methods are all kinds of therapy controlled breathing and visualization Remember it is much easier to handle any concern if you fully understand Why and what exactly concerns you most of all.

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